Days After

As the reality of the UK’s vote to leave the EU sinks in, I’m left comparing my feelings on four very different ‘days after’… Obama’s first victory in the US Presidentials: I walked a full foot taller. Proud of America. Looking at passers-by: smiling and feeling we all felt a foot taller because America had … Continue reading Days After

Rainy Day

 Yesterday was a rainy day. And unexpectedly so. Bad start, worse end. Trying to put it in context today (with Bach loud in my ears to block out someone else’s toddler), I googled ‘into every life a little rain must fall’ to find the source… And the wise words of the final verse Henry … Continue reading Rainy Day

Good Honest Pain

Funny, I do find there’s a big big difference between ‘good honest pain’ and the dolorous pain of disease or decay. A nice deep cut, bruise or surgical scar is a healthily smarting demonstration of the body’s marvellous healing powers. Tooth decay, anything fungal or worst of all tumours, are sickening symbols of decline and … Continue reading Good Honest Pain

An Ordinary Day to Remember

Scooting around Nothing profound Passing the day Having a play Boy and his dad Momentarily sad I’m in my prime His smile is sublime But time is finite One day will be twilight And then away So remember this day. I was talking of death with my mother-in-law this week. A relative is very ill … Continue reading An Ordinary Day to Remember