Alcohol or Algorithm II

Up before 7am – a cup of tea made, the bed stripped and sheets in the washer before 9am. Out to the shops before several of them were open, and it’s a Saturday! What’s going on? 18 months without drinking is what’s going on… Who’d have thought it? Not me that’s for sure. Least of … Continue reading Alcohol or Algorithm II

Courage II

I spoke to two different people this week about ‘red energy’ and ‘blue energy’; and I couldn’t remember when I’d first noted the difference. So I had a look back in time… turns out it was in this very month in 2011… Funny when you look back how themes recur, because in one of those conversations … Continue reading Courage II


I’ve just bought La Rochefoucauld’s ‘Maxims’ on Kindle. What does Wikipedia have to say about maxims: A maxim is a ground rule or subjective principle of action; in that sense, a maxim is a thought that can motivate individuals. It is defined by the Oxford Dictionary of Philosophy as: “Generally any simple and memorable rule … Continue reading Maxims

Diced Relevant-Complexity

Having codified it three years ago, I amply proved the central premise of “But then, subtly and imperceptibly, sometimes even the things we once enjoyed the most, tail off into familiarity, boredom and ennui.” I got bored of it. Thanks goodness for Sonja Lyubomorsky… in the ‘How of Happiness‘ (which is also a website … Continue reading Diced Relevant-Complexity

The Silent Cinema

Now here’s a peculiar thing… Having done a fair bit of listening to people with soothing voices inviting me to contemplate my feet… and having read a couple of harder core books from the Dalai Lama… I’d concluded mindfulness and meditation wasn’t really me. I’ve learnt how to breathe, seek enjoyment and find peace ‘in … Continue reading The Silent Cinema