Montaigne on Virtue

Three hundred and one episodes of Essays in and Michel de Montaigne serves up another view I 100% agree with, five centuries on. When it comes to ethics the the answer is staring you in the face – in the bathroom mirror. To ground the recompense of virtuous actions upon the approbation of others … Continue reading Montaigne on Virtue

No Worries

I took the redoubtable Chris Croft up on his offer of a ‘Year of Happiness’ emails over Christmas. I told a friend, and she did the same. She emailed me last week as below: This made me smile – in truth 2020 has been a car-crash from start to finish. And where we are now: … Continue reading No Worries

spEak You’re bRanes

I retweeted someone’s prescription for modern times a few months ago: ‘Dance like the photo isn’t being tagged, love like you’ve never been unfriended and tweet like nobody is following.’ My basic social media motto is write what’s right for me and worry not (too much) about the reception. It’s my own form of spEak … Continue reading spEak You’re bRanes

Take me to your Leader

As the Curiosity rover pulled off an improbably complex landing on Mars, I was having a laugh with a friend in the US. I pointed out that it’s the US President’s duty to welcome any extraterrestrial when and if he/she arrives. As I put it to her: It’s America’s job to have any alien invasion … Continue reading Take me to your Leader

Narrative or Episodic

I like (as do many others) the notion of lives as narratives. Interesting then to read a contrary view from my old philosophy tutor Galen Strawson – Against Narrativity. He poses the question: is there really that much evidence that we are narrative beings? And if not, is it really so desirable – in terms … Continue reading Narrative or Episodic


I read a while ago that physicists were arguing over the wisdom of analysing the complete dataset from the latest probe which is measuring the cosmic microwave background radiation. Why? Because from it we will soon have all the data it is possible for us to have on the origins of the universe. And if … Continue reading Daubing