Optimism Epiphany

    I’ve had an epiphany. It all comes down to three Ps; and avoiding learned helplessness… First discovered in dogs and then in humans, Wikipedia takes up the strain here: Research has found that human reactions to a lack of control differ both between individuals and between situations. For example, learned helplessness sometimes remains specific … Continue reading Optimism Epiphany

What I’d spend a $billion on…

There is so much that is shocking about this book; I almost can’t begin… West Coast life is a million miles from South-East London; but there’s something in the heady mix of crazy diets, dotcom startups and whopping egos which makes Tools of Titans a veritable page turner… albeit I have it on Kindle so … Continue reading What I’d spend a $billion on…

Scienceing the sh1t out of it

I met some old professional friends for an annual reunion yesterday; and was pressed (as we all were) to recount my year. This made me think.  First what did I want to say, why and to what purpose? Second, write it down (good old Chris Croft at work here again). So I chose to describe … Continue reading Scienceing the sh1t out of it


Turns out Nostalgia ain’t what it used to be… Traditionally associated with wallowing in a rose or even sepia-tinted past; nostalgia has a bad reputation for losing us in misty-eyed escapism to a lost time that never really was. I’ve always believed nostalgia was a thing to avoid; at best a source of melancholy and at … Continue reading Nostalgia

Empathy, Pain and Compassion

Something I’ve done a lot in the last decade is empathy. Indeed it has become one of the things I do the most at work: connecting with people and quite literally ‘feeling their pain’. Walk a mile in another person’s shoes and you see the world differently; better understand different opinions and why people do … Continue reading Empathy, Pain and Compassion


   An interesting discovery from ‘Learned optimism‘ is that rumination is the optimist’s worst enemy… Chewing the cud leads to pessimism and inaction. One thing I’ve learned at work down the years is: ‘if in doubt, do something’.  Armed with this new insight I’m even more sure taking and helping others take action – sometimes any … Continue reading Rumination

Dismal News

I was a big economics fan at school. Supply and demand, rational actors, natural monopolies and perfectly competitive markets – it made simple good sense to me. It all got a bit more complicated at university. There, whacking great equations I couldn’t fathom, seemed the inadequate answer to real world problems. Later in the world … Continue reading Dismal News