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The swift flight of a single sparrow

After a couple of weeks of solid change – new house, new office, new term, new school year – I wrote to my old philosophy tutor the other evening. He has written extensively on the ‘Episodic Life’ – a view … Continue reading

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Fear factored

A book I’m currently reading urges us to think of ‘fear’ as the mental equivalent of physical ‘pain’. On one level they’re the things we want to most avoid; but looked at another way they are just simple signalling mechanisms. … Continue reading

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I've had 'bouldering' on my to do list for a while. Not even sure what it was, I thought it was some kind of paddling through streams, clambering on boulders thingy. And that seemed like a good 'Dad and Daughter' … Continue reading

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Talking to a nice person at work this week, as we descended several flights of stairs; she said: "Yes John, but you're about the most positive person I've ever met." I nearly tripped and fell down the remaining stairs… As … Continue reading

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I’ve just finished Desmond and Mpho Tutu’s ‘The Book of Forgiving’, picked up (as all the best things are) at the local library.  It’s a simple and powerful read, which is studded with some terrible stories of personal loss, sickening … Continue reading

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Think small

I’ve signed up to a terrific blog from a chap called Eric Barker from UCLA. Loads of great resources, links to thought-provoking books and simple ‘to do’ lists to do more. This week’s top tip is how to create a habit:  … Continue reading

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As a person (traditionally) of the head, I generally take the arrow of causation to be ‘the head drives the heart’… Of course that’s not always the case. When the heart skips a beat or starts misbehaving; that certainly gets … Continue reading

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In a meeting this week I asked how people felt about ‘whacking the beehive again’.  We are trying a new ‘change management’ approach (as opposed the University standard of ‘resistance management’) on a major move; part of which involves regularly … Continue reading

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Famously clever like us, Cetaceans are the smart cookies of the ocean – and they’ve been in my thoughts at work this week. The question being which one to be… The Sperm Whale? Wikipedia tells us the Sperm whale “has … Continue reading

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Gaia II – Truth and Beauty

James Lovelock ends ‘Gaia‘ with a rather profound summary:  To every thing there is a season, and a time to every purpose under the heaven: a time to be born, and a time to die; a time to plant, and … Continue reading

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