What a remarkable vegetable the onion is…

As I learnt on an Indian cookery course a few years ago, it’s one of the few ingredient which can bring nearly all the flavours permutations, depending on how and how much you cook it.

Is starts sharp and astringent when raw, softens to sweetness, browns to umami and burns to bitterness.

One of my favourite discoveries has been the Burmese way; half an onion softened at the base of a stir fry and then the other half sliced and added in the final 90 seconds, for some late-breaking crunch and kick.

Today I took my onions slow and sweet with gently bubbled chicken and chimichurri, then later caramelised with celery and carrots as the soffritto base for a main course pasta.

And as with onions, so my moods these last 24 hours… Thoroughly sweated and ultimately browned-off yesterday, after overcooking my week of work. But a sweeter day today, culminating in a golden evening of good food and family board games.

Turn down the burner, and savour and sweetness returns.

Simple Pleasures

No-one would have wished for the pandemic. But it does help with one thing – the appreciation of simple pleasures. Last evening we had our favourite Chinese takeaway and enjoyed ‘Wonder Woman 1984’ as a family.

This morning: a fry up with sausages and bacon all round. And I sneaked a cheeky fried egg into the pan, just for me. I can’t remember the last time I had a fried egg.

A simple pleasure indeed.

Cookin’ up a storm!

The first autumnal day of the year – rain tippling down. What to do..?


A fridge and freezer full of forgotten and forlorn ingredients; and no major jobs or responsibilities to see to…

The result?

    A mighty fine ham n cheese omelette for breakfast
    Spicy mustard seed prawns for lunch
    Aubergine curry in the fridge for tomorrow’s lunch
    A half decent Bolognaise on the table for the family
    And a failed Indian cooled carrot salad in the bin… still, learned from my mistake!

Happy days – I haven’t had a day in the kitchen since we moved house.

There’s no better way to spend a rainy Sunday than cookin’ up a storm!