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Stop Hoovering

   I knew this (or at least I kind of did) but a line in a book has recently kept it on my mind… ‘Mood’ is more a matter of biochemistry than anything else. In the right mood everything is … Continue reading

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Broken Wings

A great many birds with broken wings or ruffled plumage, have come to perch in my tree in recent weeks. Human beings are fragile and so easily damaged – usually by each other. We all like to believe life is … Continue reading

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School Run II

Gridlock this morning Bin lorries too White van drivers Turning the air blue Navigating back roads Chugging along Calming my heart-rate To avoid a prang Stayed the course At five miles an hour My genetic packages delivered Time for work … Continue reading

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Suckered in to fronting up It’s my job, but it’s other people’s too It brings admin, stress and cortisol But also profile, contacts and stories to tell I feel shirty But perhaps I should get over it Writing this has … Continue reading

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The throbbing caterpillar in my vein Concertinas toward my brain Which tells me that I must be calm Not much time for repose Life all over me like a rash Oh for some time to ponder, To dream or meander, … Continue reading

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I’ve been working in the USA this week – same language, quite different working cultures. Still Brits talking to Americans is easy enough. But add Germans, South Africans, Sudanese, Cameroonians, Central African Republicans, French, Colombians, Turks, Japanese and Koreans – … Continue reading

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