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A Taste of Luxury

  Four days of luxe in the Balearics leaves me with mixed emotions. It cost a lot. We’ve never done anything this expensive, in the more-than-a-decade since we’ve had kids: it’s their first ever flight on a plane.  It was … Continue reading

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Tree Hugging

Not exactly wilderness (within comfortable earshot of the roar of the A303) but wet and muddy enough – we holidayed this half term in a forest with the inlaws. Not under canvas, thank God, given a major gale/minor hurricane (depending … Continue reading

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More Sun than Shivers

Rainy day Heading away Patch of blue Half way through Arrive at the coast Prosecco toast Beautiful view Before Barbecue A day on the beach Tasty Cornish pasty Bucket and spade Castles made Splashing in the surf Sun kissed And … Continue reading

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Beside the Seaside

‘Oh we do like to be beside the seaside’ as the old song goes. And thanks to a new family business venture, we’ve been spending much of the summer there, on and off. Setting up a cute little holiday home, … Continue reading

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Deux Mille Treize

Early start Car packed out Road hit squarely Awake barely Channel tunnel Bridges and viaducts Coffee machines and petrol stops A1 French roads Reduce down to Salt pans and mussels Over water Paradise lost Paradise found Dream campsite Canvas, clams … Continue reading

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Brain function is low, speed dropped, the acceleration has gone. Lying idly next to my son, with the breeze flapping the blind – in my record third week of holidays – I notice indolence and a mind declined. Still the … Continue reading

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Mixed Bag

On holiday in Cornwall, trudging down a hill with heavy shopping from the ubiquitous Tesco’s over my shoulder, I reflect on the mixed bag which is this part of the world. Tesco’s here is rather dispiriting. Tight car park (hence … Continue reading

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