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Laughter; the best medicine 

  I’m more a man for observational humour than for jokes; but perhaps the joke has been on me… British humour tends to the downbeat. Ironic, sarcastic and even cynical – there’s always the risk of us talking everything down. … Continue reading

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I congratulated a colleague yesterday on some lovely prose. His concise, interesting and informative writing made me happily read about 80 Moments which changed history – learning a lot in the process. This morning, I read another piece of quasi-Academic … Continue reading

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The Reasonableness of Reason

I’ve just splashed out a fiver on a hardcore philosophy book ‘The Reasonableness of Reason’. Second hand mind you, austerity reigns. But absolute austerity is probably slightly unreasonable. It is, by all accounts, an exhaustive investigation of whether following reason … Continue reading

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Is isn’t Ought

Useful to be reminded this week that among David Hume’s many contributions to the world of ideas is this one – you can’t get an ought from an is. So it is. You can describe a phenomenon or circumstance, however … Continue reading

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I’ve discovered ‘Philosophy Now‘ via Kindle. And a find it is too. This month’s edition delves into the Philosophy of Mind which I studied twenty odd years ago. What’s new? Quite a lot. But, also, quite a lot is not. … Continue reading

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