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Why Silver is the worst medal of all

Watching the Olympic 10m diving yesterday, one couldn’t help but be struck by the delight of Tom Daley, in third, versus the desolation of Qiu Bo in second. This morning a friend sent me a good reason for it: counterfactual … Continue reading

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Noble Purpose

The Olympics bring out my mixed feelings about competition. Winning at all costs, grinding someone else in the dust, the distortion of personality that comes with going ‘all out’. Sometimes, in my sporting past, I’ve avoided finishing people off. Sometimes … Continue reading

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What do the Olympic Games mean to the UK?

Here’s what I think the Olympics mean to the UK, broadcast on CNN yesterday. Despite the drizzle, high chair and precarious balcony – and the early hour – it was great to be within touching distance of the Olympic Stadium … Continue reading

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London 2012

London’s New Year Firework Show Must have cost A lot of dough Spent in a flash On a bang and a crash Public money Up in smoke. But like the Olympics It gives us hope An amazing show Which lifted … Continue reading

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Olympic Ideals

It’s easy to knock sport. Huff and puff, crass commercialism even corruption. But sport can also be pure human expression, ballet, drama and gladiatorial combat – sometimes all rolled into one. The Greeks knew this. This morning I had a … Continue reading

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