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Laughter; the best medicine 

  I’m more a man for observational humour than for jokes; but perhaps the joke has been on me… British humour tends to the downbeat. Ironic, sarcastic and even cynical – there’s always the risk of us talking everything down. … Continue reading

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Adults and Children

All adults are big kids sometimes, but often the wrong kind. We keep the petty, squabbling, thin-skinnedness of children but often lose the curiosity, spontaneity and sense of fun. It’s a bit hackneyed but I still have a lot of … Continue reading

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As I wrote the other week, I now know the cognitive cost of self-control is ‘ego depletion’. In Wired’s less technical terms, acts of self-control ‘piss the ego off’ and attract us to angry thoughts, words and deeds. ‘Ego depletion’ … Continue reading

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Truisms iii) Dry stonewalling

Here are seven of Jenny Holzer’s Truisms I increasingly agree with: Fake or real indifference is a powerful personal weapon Expressing anger is necessary Emotional responses are as valuable as intellectual responses Giving free rein to your emotions is an … Continue reading

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