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😎 After two house moves in two weeks; last Sunday, post visiting a loved one in terminal decline and absolutely physically and emotionally shattered – I cried for the first time in a decade. It was just too sad. But … Continue reading

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As a person (traditionally) of the head, I generally take the arrow of causation to be ‘the head drives the heart’… Of course that’s not always the case. When the heart skips a beat or starts misbehaving; that certainly gets … Continue reading

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The rather wonderful Disney kids film ‘Inside Out’ suggests the eponymous ‘Joy’ (above) represents our original childlike state. In the film, the loss of ‘Joy’ deep into the vaults of memory is the bridge to the discovery of the more … Continue reading

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Great love and great compassion

   I’ve just finished the Dalai Lama’s ‘How to see yourself as you really are.’ And a penny has dropped…  Some of the Buddhist ideas: notably Karma, the cycle of returns and the idea that we are all constantly living … Continue reading

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With a little help from my friends

The song says it all. It can sound cheesy; but it ain’t… This week, I got by with a little help from my friends. The genuine care, interest, support and love of friends has gently and kindly steered me to a … Continue reading

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Broken Wings

A great many birds with broken wings or ruffled plumage, have come to perch in my tree in recent weeks. Human beings are fragile and so easily damaged – usually by each other. We all like to believe life is … Continue reading

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Maximum Kindness

My son (who is kindness personified) came downstairs, this evening, keen to finish a conversation with me. We headed back up to his bed and he expanded on his earlier thesis… This was that ‘kind kids’, once they reach ‘maximum … Continue reading

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Great Men

The Greeks invented tragedy. Shakespeare explored its every facet. Hollywood is more ‘goodies’ and ‘baddies’. But does greatness invariably end in disaster? It depends on what you think great is. Most of the ‘great’ men I’ve met have been greatest … Continue reading

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Petit Prince

After darkness comes the light. Bath time, a happy face under a towel, a hug, a chat and a cuddle. There is no sweeter, kinder more caring and thoughtful boy in the whole wide world than this one… My saving … Continue reading

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Three takes on kindness. First, a person I scarcely know – without any guile or hesitation – kindly bought me my coffee at work on Friday. I was completely thrown by it. An older man, he works in Human Resources. … Continue reading

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