thinking awardWhen wooing my beloved over a decade ago, we were brought ever closer by the Panglossian ridiculousness of ‘Successories’. We used to regularly send each other a Successories enhanced message, to bring light relief to the odd grey working day.

A particular favourite was the ‘Thinking out of the Box’ award (above) which, perhaps, only its creator truly deserves.

Different cultures like different things, but the over-the-top positivity of the assembled animal posters and dramatic landscapes, strikes a bum note in the average British office. Dare to Soar (below) is a meeting room classic which rarely raises anything other than a snigger. It’s just not the British way.


But once in a while, a motivational quote does hit the spot. Spotted on Instagram, despite myself, Basketball legend Michael Jordan’s simple maths have helped me this week.


No-one likes to visibly fail – but if Michael Jordan could do it 9,000 times, perhaps I can forgive myself the odd ‘attempt’ which doesn’t land first time.

“If at first you don’t succeed, try, try, try again” is a good motto, but one I’ve never really liked that much in practice. Sometimes though, on some things, you just have to keep shooting the hoops.

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2 Responses to Successories

  1. stuart wiffin says:

    Another Michael Jordan quote.

    I can remember a game, we were down with about 5 to 10 points, I go off about 25 points, we come back and win the game, we’re walking off the floor. Tex (Winter) looks at me and says “There’s no “I” in team!” I looked at Tex and say, “There’s not, but there’s an ‘I’ in win!”

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