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The Old Grey Goose

Just 13 days after the fateful phone call, the old grey goose – aka my mother-in-law – passed away. As I texted a work colleague: Thanks a lot, we’re all in good shape. Kids are getting there and Eleanor and … Continue reading

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Great love and great compassion

   I’ve just finished the Dalai Lama’s ‘How to see yourself as you really are.’ And a penny has dropped…  Some of the Buddhist ideas: notably Karma, the cycle of returns and the idea that we are all constantly living … Continue reading

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Sacks and Seneca

   A very autumnal feel to this week; in lots of different ways. It’s back to school for all of us: big school for one; a new class for the other; and very soon a whole new place of work … Continue reading

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The Houses of Parliament

Every morning, close to the end of my cycle to work, Westminster Bridge looms ahead. Hardly Mount Ventoux the Tour de France killer but still a thigh sapping incline, before the crest and lethal descent… Why a lethal descent? Two … Continue reading

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Good Honest Pain

Funny, I do find there’s a big big difference between ‘good honest pain’ and the dolorous pain of disease or decay. A nice deep cut, bruise or surgical scar is a healthily smarting demonstration of the body’s marvellous healing powers. … Continue reading

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What a spectacularly rubbish week. The kind of week which makes you almost believe there are Greek gods toying with your life. No-one died, no one got hurt, but the needless jostling of egos and the triumph of the selfish … Continue reading

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A bit like being winded by a whack in the solar plexus, this poem takes the wind out of your sails – and leaves you gasping. Clive James’s wit and humour of have always been rapier sharp. But here, his … Continue reading

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Dead Mum or Dinosaurs

I was debating with a friend yesterday whether he should feel any more concerned by the beliefs and values of his dead mum as the behaviours of dinosaurs. Both belong to the past; we live in the present. And soon … Continue reading

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The 3 Big Questions in Life

There are only three questions that really matter in life… So said Britain’s oldest man on his 109th birthday. They are: 1) Where did I come from? 2) Who am I? 3) Where am I going? He died yesterday at … Continue reading

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Rights Gone Wrong

Rights are all well and good, but sometimes they lead you to the wrong places. Generally I’m with John Stuart Mill: “Mankind are greater gainers by suffering each other to live as seems good to themselves, than by compelling each … Continue reading

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