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Great love and great compassion

   I’ve just finished the Dalai Lama’s ‘How to see yourself as you really are.’ And a penny has dropped…  Some of the Buddhist ideas: notably Karma, the cycle of returns and the idea that we are all constantly living … Continue reading

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Sacks and Seneca

   A very autumnal feel to this week; in lots of different ways. It’s back to school for all of us: big school for one; a new class for the other; and very soon a whole new place of work … Continue reading

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The Houses of Parliament

Every morning, close to the end of my cycle to work, Westminster Bridge looms ahead. Hardly Mount Ventoux the Tour de France killer but still a thigh sapping incline, before the crest and lethal descent… Why a lethal descent? Two … Continue reading

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Good Honest Pain

Funny, I do find there’s a big big difference between ‘good honest pain’ and the dolorous pain of disease or decay. A nice deep cut, bruise or surgical scar is a healthily smarting demonstration of the body’s marvellous healing powers. … Continue reading

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What a spectacularly rubbish week. The kind of week which makes you almost believe there are Greek gods toying with your life. No-one died, no one got hurt, but the needless jostling of egos and the triumph of the selfish … Continue reading

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A bit like being winded by a whack in the solar plexus, this poem takes the wind out of your sails – and leaves you gasping. Clive James’s wit and humour of have always been rapier sharp. But here, his … Continue reading

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Dead Mum or Dinosaurs

I was debating with a friend yesterday whether he should feel any more concerned by the beliefs and values of his dead mum as the behaviours of dinosaurs. Both belong to the past; we live in the present. And soon … Continue reading

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The 3 Big Questions in Life

There are only three questions that really matter in life… So said Britain’s oldest man on his 109th birthday. They are: 1) Where did I come from? 2) Who am I? 3) Where am I going? He died yesterday at … Continue reading

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Rights Gone Wrong

Rights are all well and good, but sometimes they lead you to the wrong places. Generally I’m with John Stuart Mill: “Mankind are greater gainers by suffering each other to live as seems good to themselves, than by compelling each … Continue reading

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A Moment in the Sun

A bit morbid perhaps, but the redoubtable Philosophy Now magazine does throw up some interesting angles on death. Some say, along with religion, that the main reason philosophy exists, is millennia of thinking folk coping with their own mortality. So … Continue reading

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