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Fear factored

A book I’m currently reading urges us to think of ‘fear’ as the mental equivalent of physical ‘pain’. On one level they’re the things we want to most avoid; but looked at another way they are just simple signalling mechanisms. … Continue reading

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Smile, surf, sleep

Smile Talking to my daughter about her friendship angst this morning, I advocated she try a welcoming smile.  I told her about the nice lady at work who told me about the cold snap in Romania and how it’s threatening … Continue reading

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Ground Control to Major Tom

This week’s song is Bowie’s Space Oddity. Having had to take to the airwaves – and take on the national news media – at times I’ve felt a bit like Major Tom. Small stuff really – Monocle 24 a boutique … Continue reading

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What’s 24×17? C’mon, c’mon. The clock’s ticking. Struggling? Sweating? No answer? A guesstimate? Not sure? Not good at maths? Need more time? Relax. No-one can do 24×17 without thinking about it. There is no ‘fast thinking’ route to 24×17. It … Continue reading

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I’ve been working in the USA this week – same language, quite different working cultures. Still Brits talking to Americans is easy enough. But add Germans, South Africans, Sudanese, Cameroonians, Central African Republicans, French, Colombians, Turks, Japanese and Koreans – … Continue reading

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The Fridge Door

I read a top neuroscientist’s suggestion last night that our capacity to understand how the human brain works may ultimately be limited by the capacity of our nervous system. This reminds me of a thought I had when studying philosophy … Continue reading

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Within hours of setting up this blog and posting my first post I was gripped with a pang of pure fear. What if someone mad, bad or sad takes an interest in me, seeks to contact me, meet me or … Continue reading

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