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I’ve just finished Desmond and Mpho Tutu’s ‘The Book of Forgiving’, picked up (as all the best things are) at the local library.  It’s a simple and powerful read, which is studded with some terrible stories of personal loss, sickening … Continue reading

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Confrontation and Compassion

Compassion came up a number of times this week – on Tuesday in the context of confrontation; and yesterday as a way to run an entire organisation. Of course the Dalai Lama and Archbishop Desmond Tutu would argue (in the … Continue reading

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The rather wonderful Disney kids film ‘Inside Out’ suggests the eponymous ‘Joy’ (above) represents our original childlike state. In the film, the loss of ‘Joy’ deep into the vaults of memory is the bridge to the discovery of the more … Continue reading

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Empathy, Pain and Compassion

Something I’ve done a lot in the last decade is empathy. Indeed it has become one of the things I do the most at work: connecting with people and quite literally ‘feeling their pain’. Walk a mile in another person’s … Continue reading

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Great love and great compassion

   I’ve just finished the Dalai Lama’s ‘How to see yourself as you really are.’ And a penny has dropped…  Some of the Buddhist ideas: notably Karma, the cycle of returns and the idea that we are all constantly living … Continue reading

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Maximum Kindness

My son (who is kindness personified) came downstairs, this evening, keen to finish a conversation with me. We headed back up to his bed and he expanded on his earlier thesis… This was that ‘kind kids’, once they reach ‘maximum … Continue reading

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On Anger

Sometimes you can’t beat going back to the original source. The great philosophers can be a tricky read, but equally, they can be very direct, simple and clear. Aristotle was. Generally speaking there are many different kinds of afflictive or … Continue reading

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What happens when you are dealing with a toxic situation with toxic people and potentially toxic consequences? You go toxic obviously. But I’m searching for another way. In the past when I’ve had to do this, I haven’t been able … Continue reading

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