Boy Wonder


A Champagne cork popped – or at least some cheap Prosecco – for our beguiling boy this evening. And we gave him that cork to mark and celebrate his fantastic progress post Parents Evening.

Until recently a past master at diversionary tactics and avoidance, the Boy Wonder has found his feet, developed some self-confidence and nosed out ahead of his age average, with confident predictions of more to come.

Much hard work from the whole family has got him through a sticky patch and maybe now he’s away. His reading has raced ahead, his maths is fine and he aced his reasoning tests – scoring off the chart.

But what matters here isn’t school, me or his mum. What matters here is him. He may always muddle ‘was’ and ‘saw’ and get his numbers back to front, but the best news of today is his application.

When the rest of the class had finished, by all accounts the boy was still working steadily away; on his own, in the corner. Head down, having a good go.

Me and his mum couldn’t help a ‘high five’ in front of the Head and his teacher. They smiled. We were all delighted for the world’s loveliest boy.

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