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Stations on the road to Freedom

I shared Dietrich Bonhoeffer’s “Stations on the road to freedom” with an old friend this week. I bought a copy of Bonhoeffer’s Ethics, when I was searching for a famous quotation – which is actually by Martin Niemöller. Niemöller was arrested … Continue reading

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Forme et fond

I remember, from working in advertising in France, the slippery distinction between ‘forme’ and ‘fond’ – broadly style versus substance. Much of organisational life lies in the interplay between these two; what’s the underlying ‘thing’ you’re tackling and how do … Continue reading

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   An interesting discovery from ‘Learned optimism‘ is that rumination is the optimist’s worst enemy… Chewing the cud leads to pessimism and inaction. One thing I’ve learned at work down the years is: ‘if in doubt, do something’.  Armed with this … Continue reading

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Corporate Punishment i) Questions

I’ve decided to begin an irregular series on ‘corporate’ behaviours which one encounters in large organisations. Most of these start with the germ of a good idea from some management book or coach. Some are learnt through imitation and emulation. … Continue reading

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I was talking today to a nice person who cares a lot about the organisation I work for about how we are doing. We face some big challenges in the next few months, but I’m pretty confident we know what … Continue reading

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I saw that larger than life parliamentarian Cyril Smith had died yesterday. He was a big big man. I think I heard he peaked at 29 stone. I was a little surprised to hear he made it to 82, just … Continue reading

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