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Fear factored

A book I’m currently reading urges us to think of ‘fear’ as the mental equivalent of physical ‘pain’. On one level they’re the things we want to most avoid; but looked at another way they are just simple signalling mechanisms. … Continue reading

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Empathy, Pain and Compassion

Something I’ve done a lot in the last decade is empathy. Indeed it has become one of the things I do the most at work: connecting with people and quite literally ‘feeling their pain’. Walk a mile in another person’s … Continue reading

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No Pain, No Gain

One hesitates to admit to loony sounding practices which invite ridicule, but… mindfulness meditation really does reach the parts other things don’t. Sure you can read, philosophise, listen to music, exercise or get blotto to blot out a whirring mind. … Continue reading

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Good Honest Pain

Funny, I do find there’s a big big difference between ‘good honest pain’ and the dolorous pain of disease or decay. A nice deep cut, bruise or surgical scar is a healthily smarting demonstration of the body’s marvellous healing powers. … Continue reading

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Doh! Ow! Oh?

Like many men of my age, my general attitude to a health problem is ‘best ignore it’. Of course I periodically moan, but then refuse to get anything seen to and hope it will go away – nearly cost me … Continue reading

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Interesting to read, this week, that our recollection of painful surgery records only two coordinates – the peak of pain, and how much it hurt at the end. Duration is curiously absent, as a significant part of our recollection of … Continue reading

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