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Blake’s Proverbs

William Blakes’ Proverbs of Hell are a bit like Jenny Holzer’s Truisms – some you get some you don’t, some resonate some clang. Still thinking about some of the things which I think constitute the good life, four of his … Continue reading

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Truisms iv) Demos

Growing up in a safe, benign and predominantly urban country like the UK, means you miss out on a lot of the experiences which define life in other countries. We don’t really have natural disasters, extreme weather, earthquakes, civil war, … Continue reading

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Truisms iii) Dry stonewalling

Here are seven of Jenny Holzer’s Truisms I increasingly agree with: Fake or real indifference is a powerful personal weapon Expressing anger is necessary Emotional responses are as valuable as intellectual responses Giving free rein to your emotions is an … Continue reading

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Truisms ii) Sad but true

Three of Jenny Holzer’s truisms get under my skin. I was talking to another father on Friday, who’s just become a grandfather, and they positively annoyed him. They are: Fathers often use too much force A man can’t know what … Continue reading

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Truisms i) A little knowledge can go a long way?

Friends of ours have Jenny Holzer’s ‘Truisms’ on the wall in their loo. Every time I read it I find myself agreeing easily with the first few I alight on – and then violently disagreeing with the next one I … Continue reading

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