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spEak You’re bRanes

I retweeted someone’s prescription for modern times a few months ago: ‘Dance like the photo isn’t being tagged, love like you’ve never been unfriended and tweet like nobody is following.’ My basic social media motto is write what’s right for … Continue reading

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Take me to your Leader

As the Curiosity rover pulled off an improbably complex landing on Mars, I was having a laugh with a friend in the US. I pointed out that it’s the US President’s duty to welcome any extraterrestrial when and if he/she … Continue reading

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Of Sheds

Montaigne offers a top tip for he (or she) who would keep themselves sane: That man, in my opinion, is very miserable, who has not at home where to be by himself, where to entertain himself alone, or to conceal … Continue reading

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Narrative or Episodic

I like (as do many others) the notion of lives as narratives. Interesting then to read a contrary view from my old philosophy tutor Galen Strawson – Against Narrativity. He poses the question: is there really that much evidence that … Continue reading

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Montaigne on Virtue

Three hundred and one dailylit.com episodes of Essays in and Michel de Montaigne serves up another view I 100% agree with, five centuries on. When it comes to ethics the the answer is staring you in the face – in … Continue reading

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I read a while ago that physicists were arguing over the wisdom of analysing the complete dataset from the latest probe which is measuring the cosmic microwave background radiation. Why? Because from it we will soon have all the data … Continue reading

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The Fear of Dying

A good friend’s mother died last week. But we went to the footie together on Wednesday, as we’d planned despite – and because of it. We didn’t talk much about it, but talking to others, one of the things in … Continue reading

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Against Idleness

A friend and I discussed yesterday whether ‘perpetual activity’ is simply a function of my work and life stage – or is it my underlying temperament. In a previous conversation, he put to me, that the ceaseless activity I observe … Continue reading

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Re-reading a chapter of Herbert McCabe’s ‘On Aquinas’ last night, the outline of a new understanding emerged from the complex conceptual haze of the ‘philosophy of language’. Language is the means through which we transcend individual experience and share our … Continue reading

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Shame There

Does seeing cruelty make us more or less likely to engage in it? Catalunya has just banned bullfights. But I saw one in Colombia nearly 20 years ago and felt I could see the nobility in it which Hemingway describes … Continue reading

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