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I knew he was deep, and suspected he was dark – but another find in the library shows he painted like a man possessed through some extraordinary times. Kazemir Malevich (1878-1935) the great Russian artist went from here: To here: … Continue reading

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I waved goodbye to ‘Japanese Prints‘ at the library today. Here it sits among the ‘recently returned’ next to someone else’s thriller and two DIY oil painting books. Japanese wood block prints, I learnt, were the product of art, craft, … Continue reading

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Art Mimics Life

My lovely girl has got ‘in line’ skates for her Birthday. And very pleased with them she is too. At the same time – in the interests of developing my own interests – I decided to dust off and twang … Continue reading

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In the Balance

Why is it we feel a little cheated by art made of everyday objects? Is it because we value the materials as well as the labour? Talking to a Sri Lankan clothing entrepreneur this week, I discovered that in modern … Continue reading

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Flights of Fancy

I found myself in a back room at the British Museum this week, looking at pen and ink drawings. I took a couple of photos of simple but stunning sketches by Picasso and Rembrandt. As a child, I remember being … Continue reading

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Art and Artists

I’ve started E.H. Gombrich’s ‘The Story of Art’ which was recommended by one friend and came up in conversation with another today. Gombrich says there is really no ‘Art’, only artists and what they create. A lot of what what … Continue reading

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Autumn Sunrise

On a misty morning With the kids in the car Turning left The surprise of a huge sun Low in the sky A silver gold blob Just too bright to stare at Not too bright to blind Heralds An emergent … Continue reading

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I thoroughly enjoyed reading Simon Armitage’s updating of The Odyssey this week – a rattling good read, in my view. Our hero Odysseus, helped by Athene – and in spite of Poseidon and the only sometimes benign neglect of Zeus … Continue reading

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A super article in the New Scientist explains – as artists have intuited down the centuries – that the brain works to a different set of rules than the real world. We have misread shadows and mirrors from Velazquez Rokeby … Continue reading

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