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😎 After two house moves in two weeks; last Sunday, post visiting a loved one in terminal decline and absolutely physically and emotionally shattered – I cried for the first time in a decade. It was just too sad. But … Continue reading

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Happy Days

A lovely simple happy day. Two parks, several swings, much scooting, pasta, a jigsaw, books, hot dogs, and happy tired faces at bedtime. The whole spent almost entirely with my two lovely kiddies, who played and chased and laughed and … Continue reading

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Relevant Complexity 2) Hobbies

Until last year I absolutely didn’t get ‘hobbies’. Now I am persuaded hobbies maketh the man. The big mistake in life, I reckon – observing overwork, depression and recession hitting even the most high powered of my friends – is … Continue reading

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Relevant Complexity 1) The Spice of Life

My new theory of everything: all purpose and enjoyment in life is found in ‘relevant complexity’. I came to the idea via the Hungarian American psychologist Mihili Csikszentmihalyi’s theory of ‘flow’: that we achieve optimum experience when we meet considerable … Continue reading

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Autumn Sunrise

On a misty morning With the kids in the car Turning left The surprise of a huge sun Low in the sky A silver gold blob Just too bright to stare at Not too bright to blind Heralds An emergent … Continue reading

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Five Minutes

What is time? Judging by my day today, five minutes is the difference between happy and sad, frustration, tears, pressure in the chest cavity and making it just in time – or just too late. As Kierkegaard said, the demands … Continue reading

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Sacre Bleu

A splendid weekend en famille à Paris was marred only by two extraordinarily slooowly served meals. I’d write Zzzzz. But with four children, from 4 to 8 years old, over an hour of waiting – each time – for any … Continue reading

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Heaven and Hell

I read in the New Scientist a while back that people who’ve suffered near death experiences commonly have a sense of drifting out of their bodies, floating above themselves and being drawn towards brightness above them. Sounds heavenly. But according … Continue reading

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London’s Burning

As a red London bus burns a few hundred yards from our house, it’s one of those moments when you stop and think, ‘Did I get this very wrong?’ We have always taken the view that the ‘cheek by jowl’ … Continue reading

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Cold Start

I’m certainly not a morning person. Like a British Leyland car of the 1970s (of which we had a few) I start reluctantly with several turns of the key, a lot of choke and a deep shudder. My son is … Continue reading

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