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😎 After two house moves in two weeks; last Sunday, post visiting a loved one in terminal decline and absolutely physically and emotionally shattered – I cried for the first time in a decade. It was just too sad. But … Continue reading

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Knots, Seeds and Red Lights

I’ve just finished Thich Nhat Hanh’s ‘Peace is Every Step’.  It’s never a bad idea to have a Buddhist book on the go in the pile by the bedside. The basic precepts of living in the moment, breathing and mindfulness … Continue reading

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Scienceing the sh1t out of it

I met some old professional friends for an annual reunion yesterday; and was pressed (as we all were) to recount my year. This made me think.  First what did I want to say, why and to what purpose? Second, write … Continue reading

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Happy Christmas

I’ve had a Happy Christmas and a joyful start to 2017; not thanks to Santa, but a dead sensible British bloke who has written a book I’d recommend to anyone. ‘The Big Book of Happiness 87 Practical Ideas’ is a no-nonsense … Continue reading

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Empathy, Pain and Compassion

Something I’ve done a lot in the last decade is empathy. Indeed it has become one of the things I do the most at work: connecting with people and quite literally ‘feeling their pain’. Walk a mile in another person’s … Continue reading

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Forme et fond

I remember, from working in advertising in France, the slippery distinction between ‘forme’ and ‘fond’ – broadly style versus substance. Much of organisational life lies in the interplay between these two; what’s the underlying ‘thing’ you’re tackling and how do … Continue reading

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: ) or : (

Last week, someone I’ve known for some years described me thus: ‘A generally glass half empty person, whose glass seems a bit fuller than usual’. Anther person countered: ‘No he’s not, I’ve never thought of him as gloomy, it’s just … Continue reading

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On my birthday, last weekend, I replied to someone’s best wishes with the hashtag #HappyWithMyLot. And indeed I am. Not in a smug, self-satisfied way. More in a content, honest about myself and accepting kind of way. So many people … Continue reading

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What happens when you are dealing with a toxic situation with toxic people and potentially toxic consequences? You go toxic obviously. But I’m searching for another way. In the past when I’ve had to do this, I haven’t been able … Continue reading

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Albert Camus, the French Algerian Existentialist, challenges us to be happy as Sisyphus. That Greek King was damned by Zeus to forever roll a boulder uphill, only to have it roll back down as soon as the summit was achieved. … Continue reading

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