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Bank Holiday view; spot the nuclear power station… oops. Feeling a little jaded today after a late night and a long drive back from the Welsh borders – I’m not much looking forward to work tomorrow. How fortunate to stumble … Continue reading

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Happy Christmas

I’ve had a Happy Christmas and a joyful start to 2017; not thanks to Santa, but a dead sensible British bloke who has written a book I’d recommend to anyone. ‘The Big Book of Happiness 87 Practical Ideas’ is a no-nonsense … Continue reading

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Concrete or Casuistry?

casuistry (kazjʊɪstri) noun: the resolving of moral problems by the application of theoretical rules. As I continue my voyage through Dietrich Bonhoeffer’s Ethics, I also continue to be astonished by the man. Limpid paragraphs of dense and pure meaning, sweeping … Continue reading

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Office 2016

   Further proof this week (were it needed) that not thinking about things, actually helps you think about things… After ten days off for Christmas; scarcely thinking at all about work, I arrived in the office on Monday a little … Continue reading

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   After a wonderful week of goodbyes, this morning, I feel my ladybird has begun to peep its head out from the proverbial matchbox (see my leaving card above); to see a bigger world and a brighter future. I’ve been … Continue reading

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Sacks and Seneca

   A very autumnal feel to this week; in lots of different ways. It’s back to school for all of us: big school for one; a new class for the other; and very soon a whole new place of work … Continue reading

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   As modern Greece struggles with its economic problems, it’s worth remembering: there isn’t a decent concept for living we don’t have the Greeks to thank for. With help from Wikipedia, try:  Prohairesis – προαίρεσις The ‘moral character’ or prohairesis, … Continue reading

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Relevant Complexity

Here’s to a brand new year. And to celebrate I’ve bashed out a new blog, based on what I’ve learned about life, the world and everything since I started Achilles and Aristotle in 2010. Time flies – or rather it … Continue reading

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On Anger

Sometimes you can’t beat going back to the original source. The great philosophers can be a tricky read, but equally, they can be very direct, simple and clear. Aristotle was. Generally speaking there are many different kinds of afflictive or … Continue reading

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Say it with pictures

Is there anything more naff than emojis? I’d always thought they were about the lowest form of communication known to man. But… I was wrong. Perhaps it’s my recent trip to Japan – but saying it in pictures sometimes says … Continue reading

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