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Distracted? There’s an App for that…

Eric Barker writes a great blog; I’ve told three people about the thesis in this post, in the last week or so. Neuroscience increasingly suggests we’re all more a bunch of impulsive Apps than a well designed rational operating system. … Continue reading

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The Silent Cinema

Now here’s a peculiar thing… Having done a fair bit of listening to people with soothing voices inviting me to contemplate my feet… and having read a couple of harder core books from the Dalai Lama… I’d concluded mindfulness and … Continue reading

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Blame René Descartes. Mind separated from body – dualism – was his big idea. “I think therefore I am” is probably a fair bet, but Thomas Aquinas got the whole story – we are but one; body and mind entwined. … Continue reading

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Still Life

Water Jug, Patrick Caulfield: Tate In a slow meander of a large management meeting, I found myself contemplating a jug of water… How many colours therein? Such scintillations of light; and patches of shade. How pure. How clean. What pipes … Continue reading

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