I rediscovered the eighth wonder of the world today… lying largely idle, but substantially reinvented – the library.

The Girl-Wonder and I had a super afternoon in our seaside town library. Enrolled in five minutes, then books galore and her poem written (albeit at times sullenly) then typed and printed for free (counted as homework) on the library computers.

As a gale raged outside and rain lashed and lightning cracked, we sat snug and quiet in gentle and genteel comfort. The librarians were kind and welcoming, offering us upwards of 30 books at any one time – and free internet and wifi to boot. What’s not to like?

And the briefest of browses threw up ‘The Seventy Wonders of the Ancient World and How they were Built.‘ Exactly the kind of book you’d never think you’d want to read, never search for and certainly wouldn’t pay £25 for. But, in fact, it’s well worth skimming – in an evening – for a whistle-stop tour of what the Ancients built and how.

A good few edifices I’d never heard of in this tome. But the Pyramids still stand proud – built a clear 2000 years before the other seven ‘Wonders of the Ancient World’ which all went up after 600 BC.

Perhaps there’s hope for libraries yet. Well done to our local council for looking after theirs. Not quite the Library of Alexandria, but not half bad for a seaside amenity. We were back the next morning for more…

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