Pictures vs Words

A game of two halves this week. Among the ink usefully spent, various modest contributions to the sum of human knowledge – but a good deal also wasted on other people’s zero sum games.

Such is the human experience; as much effort often spent on impeding each other, as on creating something new or sustaining something good. But there were good things – and two of them are encapsulated in pictures.

First a creative impulse one lunchtime to cut and paste some enthusiastic comments into a simple picture – what sums up the UK? Here’s what people round the world think.20140503-095349.jpg

And people round the world also liked it – 50 odd retweets and favourites and 500 plus likes on Facebook. This simple picture generated well over a thousand words, and the great majority positive. Just goes to show that most people like something nice to smile about on social media – especially a picture.

The other image is a restoration job. History is lost every day, but if you have the good fortune and responsibility to look after a piece of it, so you should. Our little piece of English history looks better cared for than ever.


These two simple pictures will last in the memory far longer than any of the nonsense this week. And that makes me smile.

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