Climate Change


As I said to several people, this week, at work: nine tenths of navigating organisational life (it seems to me) is about discerning the difference between weather and climate.

On any given day they look the same. But when it’s been raining on your parade for months, it may be time to accept that the climate has turned for the worse. Still, there’s never any shortage of aggro in any workplace, so just as important is to spot the coming of better days.

My mother-in-law favours the nautical saying: if you can see a patch of blue as big as a ‘fisherman’s trousers’, even in a gunmetal sky, then the weather is set to turn. And despite some very heavy and sustained rain this week – I have spied the proverbial fisherman’s trousers.

I fancy the worst is over, and the climate is about to change. A few more heavy showers, and some wintry months remain. But, a quiet smile, a more cheerful élan and a spring in the step are called for – even if Spring itself is some months off. I forecast good days ahead.

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