Marvellous Creations

Feeling a bit tired and blue today, I find myself a moment’s respite from what everyone else wants from me – a coffee, an iPhone and a moment to reflect. 

This has been a week which felt unsettling at times; change, uncertainty and risk in the air on all fronts. But also a week where I found moments to speak, write, talk and laugh. 

Sitting here, there’s an oppressive sense of the potential pointlessness of a lot if it. Tearing around on seemingly big things which may not turn out to be the big things at all. But who can say? 

So at the same time as the big things, it’s important to work on the small things.

I just danced an impromptu kitchen Tchaikovsky waltz and Rossini jig with my daughter – me humming, her smiled happily and turning and twirling with me. 

The boy for his part, is drawing an intricate space battle scene. And I’ve made Lebanese chicken soup for lunch.

The sun is swinging round to our little garden; at the same time as the spin drier rattles to a conclusion and workmen drill, sand and scrape at our missing front windows. 

Life goes on. But at its best is encapsulated this week in a small bar of Cadburys ‘Marvellous Creations.’ One of my laughs this week was about the ‘evil genius’ sister of a woman I work with – she invents ‘Marvellous Creations’ for Cadbury. 

It takes an ‘evil genius’ to combine bog standard British milk chocolate with jelly bits, tiny smarties and the killer ingredient – popping candy – or ‘space dust’ as we knew it as kids. Once you’ve tasted it, ordinary chocolate is soooo flat. 

Some of the ingredients you can’t do much about. But the secret of cheering up life, is to keep finding and mixing the smarties, jelly bits and space dust into it.

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