After a wonderful week of goodbyes, this morning, I feel my ladybird has begun to peep its head out from the proverbial matchbox (see my leaving card above); to see a bigger world and a brighter future.

I’ve been working in or adjacent to government for nearly 15 years. And while Aristotle felt politics to be the highest of human endeavours, a quick scan through these quotes of his pretty much covers the many pitfalls.

Yesterday I crossed a new bridge to work – Waterloo instead of Westminster; and spent the afternoon at a ‘freshers fair’ watching excited new students sign up for everything from touch frisbee to Russian Club. My new university life came to life.

And today the sun is shining. It’s all change – but a good one I feel sure.

2 thoughts on “Ladybirds

  1. Great news. Can we all look forward to frisbee while having those contemplatative walks in Temple Gardens. And while you are there have a look at the statue commemorating the WW1 camel corps.

    1. Intellectual and jocular frisbee in Temple Gardens sounds like a gift from ye Greek gods Jim – bring it on! I’ll look out for the Camel Corps too. See you soon, I’ll find us a new Autumn eatery too in case it rains.

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