What a ‘To Do’

img_1936Looking for something else, I stumbled across a couple of ‘To Do’ lists I wrote back in November 2010.

Here’s a summary of how my life was going back then…

“A tiny bit more self discipline will translate some excellent progress and achievement into real happiness.”

“The fundamentals are very sound; small details however are costing me the all important emergent wellbeing.”

Nothing if not earnest eh!

Still looking at what I wrote as the actions arising, not much has changed:

  • Get home earlier
  • Get to bed earlier
  • Find some breathing spaces during the day
  • Get to work earlier and use it well
  • Eat less for dinner
  • Keep up appearances and look the part at work
  • Take pride in myself and my achievements and continue to step forward at work
  • Spend more time with the family
  • Make modest improvements in the state of our home

It is as it was. There’s almost nothing on that list that wouldn’t continue to be on a similar list today.

And that’s the thing with to do lists – it’s one thing to write them; a whole other thing to do them.

Still, I’m not doing so bad on the other 127 things on my current ‘To Do’ list!

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