To infinity and beyond…

Last weekend at twilight by the seaside, I took this photo. 

It picks up a theme I’m reading about at the moment; which is getting into the habit of looking a little beyond what’s happening right in front of you. 

Simple really – look up… 

Urban life is so full of people, noise, distractions, aggro, interruptions, obstacles and incidents. But if you look up at the sky or the far horizon they all melt away. 

It’s a clever trick… As we were driving to the seaside a football flew out of a local park and slapped hard into the side of the car with a very loud thud. Just a quick look at the clouds and the moment had gone…

This is not an argument for indifference or distraction – quite the contrary. When you look up you see things: trees, clouds, birds, fine rooflines, planes; or sometimes just the limitless sky, which expands into the boundless upper atmosphere and on to the unending universe. 

It’s simply that when you look up; it’s almost impossible to feel down. 

2 thoughts on “To infinity and beyond…

  1. Another great post. Aristotle are you happy for me to share posts on Facebook or twitter or do you prefer to kee the circulation limited?

    1. Cheers Jim. If you think they’ll be of any interest to people feel free. Hope you’re well – it’d be great to see you soon.

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