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The horrors of the 1930s and 40s seem far more than a lifetime away. But they aren’t. Accompanied by the flicker of black and white, the terrifying demagogues of the 20th century now seem like exaggerated fiction. But they weren’t. … Continue reading

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A poignant moment for me but one amongst millions for her – this week I shook (quite gently) HRH The Queen’s gloved hand. At the launch of a new Academy of International Relations, I stood in line; first to be … Continue reading

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I read a while ago that physicists were arguing over the wisdom of analysing the complete dataset from the latest probe which is measuring the cosmic microwave background radiation. Why? Because from it we will soon have all the data … Continue reading

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Aristotle is always refreshingly plain on a subject. So when I read him, I find it easy to think he’s simply making a useful summary of a well known issue. But often he was creating the entire discipline; the first … Continue reading

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