: )

Interesting to note how my son reacts to a simple drawing of a smiley face…

When he’s struggling with writing or spelling homework and we are here:

>: (

a smiley face or two drawn on the page, in validation and encouragement, often releases the tension and takes us straight here:

: )

And once he’s smiling; invariably so am I. Magical things smiley faces.

It’s not all about you


The slightly otherworldly quality of my son – combined with his regular backing track of strafing and explosions (as he imagines himself Iron Man, Luke Skywalker, Hulk etc), has sometimes made us wonder if he’s here at all or permanently off in his daydreams.

But the Boy Wonder was sharp as a tack the other morning. As I was holding forth about my experience of learning French and the read across to my daughter’s times tables homework, he chipped in:

“It’s not all about you Dad.” he offered in his piping five year old voice. I suspect he will outsmart us all.