Austerity Bites


When consumption ist verboten
And thrift the prevailing notion
The impulse to buy
Needs must, goodbye.
Instead, re-find and reuse
Rediscover making do.
So I’m mending instead of spending.
Austerity the incentive
To be creative and inventive.
But I do kinda miss
Consumer spending bliss.

Times is hard and money’s tight. Perhaps for the first time in my adult life I’m facing up to a future where, looking forward, our household income will likely be flat or fall. It plays with your head this kind of thing.

Of course compared to many I’ve nothing to complain about. But we have all been raised on the notion that, in the words of the ’90s anthem: ‘Things can only get better‘.

Well of course they can. And it’s a failure of imagination to seek happiness in ‘things’. But as I said to the missus today, I quite fancy a new pair of shoes, but I feel I shouldn’t.

This is how recessions work – they knock your confidence. Last week I was enjoying inventing new ways to save money. This week I’m sad ‘cos I simply fancy some new stuff.

No more browsing Amazon buying gadgets for kitchen and home. No more warm winter coats – why do I like buying warm winter coats? It’s recycle and re-use, repair and re-wear. Harrumph. I’ve had enough of austerity this week.