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Roman Walls

Stop growing and you’re already shrinking. Resolve to hang on to what you’ve got and you’ll probably lose it. Stick to what you’ve always known and you are getting stuck. The best bet in life is to give up self-defence … Continue reading

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The Eternal Beauty of the Open Mind

Surely one of the defining characteristics of the passage of years, is the tendency for the mind to close. Knowing best, seen it all before, mind made up, declining interest in the new or different, set points of view; these … Continue reading

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Relevant Complexity 5) Age

Talking to someone at work, she said she’d been surprised that a very experienced chap in his late 50s had come on a training course. We concluded that age shouldn’t matter in deciding who gets training. I know plenty of … Continue reading

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A friend and I were discussing the relative merits of, in boxing parlance, ‘keeping your guard up’. In cricket, a careful guard would be a predisposition towards defence – the style of the opening batsman. Endure and accumulate, rather than … Continue reading

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