Stage Left


Whew, what a week. I’m getting better at this ‘fronting up’ malarkey but there are limits. Four big staff talks and two big public events – chairing a debate and judging an international final. I’m pooped and rumbling back home from the last, hungry and tired on a Saturday afternoon.

Like all these things, it’s good to have done them. As the Harvard Business Review advised this week – think of it as learning and it’s less of a stresser, but still… I fancy a steadier week in my own company next week.

But in all the hurly burly of microphones, podiums, stages and cameras, the only news that really matters is that my boy is doing his best at school – and my girl is acting up because she wants some quality time and attention.

That’s today’s job – putting a smile on their faces. And that’s the one which most reliably puts a smile on mine.