20110619-111639.jpgMy son announced this morning, in the car, that he has the superpower of sellotape. This enables him to stick inanimate objects together almost at will.

Fired from his hands in the manner of Spiderman’s webs, I remarked that his sellotape shots could prove mighty useful at present wrapping time. But his sister wasn’t impressed.

‘Show us then’ she challenged him. But he demurred. ‘I’m only a superhero on Tuesdays’ he said, confounding her. It’s hard work saving the world with sellotape, you have to sympathise. None of us can be a superhero every day.

One thought on “Superhero

  1. Now there’s a wise thought. Particularly on a wet Monday. There are days to enjoy, days to savour and days to endure. Wet Monday was a day to endure. But Tuesday will be different for both superheros and mere mortals. Don’t forget the good bits about stoicism.

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