St Paul’s Wedding


Wedding greetings
At St Paul’s Cathedral
Down to the crypt
A chapel revealed
Straight backed chairs
A monument to Luytens
Rows of anticipation
Music heightens
Here comes the bride
Hymns and rejoices
I pronounce you man and wife
Sermon endorses
Winning smiles
And out for the photos
On the front steps
Amidst the protesters
They give us a cheer
And take lots of photos
Onto red buses
a trip round the sights
HMS Belfast
Whitehall with horses
Fleet Street and onwards
To Smithfields Market
Speeches and champers
And onto main courses
Time passes nicely
As cake cut in slices
Then tired children’s faces
Mean time for goodbyes
A Great British wedding
Bridesmaids, bows and ties
A memorable day this
As the kids close their eyes.

Friends got married yesterday at St Paul’s despite the anti-capitalism protests and the Cathedral falling out with itself and its flock.

A lovely day made all the lovelier by a big cheer from the protesters as we gathered for photos on the front steps. You could have imagined boos, but there weren’t any. I think they recognised we were ordinary folk, as were they.

Each crowd briefly cheered the other before we headed off for a bus tour and the reception. A special moment on a special day.

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