Mighty; Fallen


Scooting along – reminding myself that whatever else may be wrong, fitness and health are one thing I can be proud of. Then, BANG!

Ooof, skinned palms, knees and blood-dripping chin; hands not working and a limp, bent and seemingly useless right arm. In an instant broken, bloody, battered and hurting.

It’s all got slowly better. But last Saturday, I literally couldn’t fork my wallet out of my pocket, get a shirt over my head or do up my own buttons. The simplest things – the kettle, doors, even sleep, all too hard.

A painful reminder that past 40 you don’t bounce, you crumple.

I have been slow, laboured, distracted and reduced – spending the week trying to warn (and avoid) people who wanted to vigorously shake the limp hand, of my slowly straightening right arm.

Take care of these bones, I conclude. Keeping a happy head has been very hard; without a happy body to carry it around. Health and fitness are a gift, not an entitlement.

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