Auld langs ache


Starting with a bleeding hand and busted arm, and ending with the cold which took out a quarter of my daughter’s school; December was a hard month.

Still, it’s in the bag. And yesterday for the first time in a month I had energy to burn again. Sure I’m still a bit stiff; and still coughing, but the worst is over.

Long walks, fetching, carrying – even chopping carrots, which for a month has been painfully slow, all systems are nearly go.

What a lesson it has been. A one-way ticket to my later years: unable to cycle; struggling to hold onto handrails as I wheezed and wobbled on and off the steamed-up wintry Number 12 bus.

The Christmas week was a cracker with a temperature, weak knees and a bad chest. But, I got everything I wanted this festive season; and gave of good cheer to my nearest and dearest.

So here’s to better health and a happy New Year.

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