I’ve been repeatedly turning over a few tricky challenges in my head. Talking helps, but I realised this week the answer is to stop talking and get biking…

Since I started my new job I’ve been cycling much less. Complex logistics, earlier starts, different buildings, unpredictable start and end points. It all adds up to getting the bus. But that needs to change.

I realised this week that one of the things I’m missing the most, is the answers to difficult situations floating into my head 20 mins into cycling into work…


It always happens on this same corner too – which used to be an awful high rise (as above) then derelict and is now a huge building site. 

Hardly inspiring. But whatever the state of that corner it’s always the place inspiration comes. 

It’s clearly a freewheeling thing. Because it’s a certain time into biking a very familiar route my mind obviously goes into neutral – and goes neural. I can’t count the number of good ideas I’ve had on that corner. 

So if I want to stop looping on the same complex problem, the answer is – get on my bike. I’ll be doing so from Monday. 

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