Half me, half her.
Qualities mine, faults hers.
Some things about him aren’t either of us?

Quarter her folks, quarter mine.
Makes sense.
Hang on a bit,
Her folks aren’t all bad.
Some of his qualities might be theirs?

One eighth my paternal grandparents,
One eighth my my mum’s parents
Right old mix there.

The truth dawns.
He’s not half me, half her.
He’s one hundred percent him.
A joy.
A beam of sunlight in our lives.
But his talents and shortcomings are all his own.

Mixed results for the boy at school this week. Some parental adjustment and effort required. But the big penny which is dropping, is letting go of the ‘me’ in him and truly embracing him.

Not hard – he is wonderful. But he is ‘he’, not a mini me.

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